Damian was brought up in Manchester and attended Oxford University.

He has published two novels, STRETCH, 29 and THE CHANCERS. He co-wrote two series of the Radio 4 series STOCKPORT, SO GOOD THEY NAMED IT ONCE with Jim Poyser. He wrote another Radio 4 series FATHERS.

His first play, DISSONANCE, was performed at the 2007 Williamstown Theatre Festival and in 2010 at the Bay Street Theatre, NY and in 2012 at the Falcom Theatre in Los Angeles.

He has written two further plays, SAN ANDREAS and THE TALENTS. His first TV series, MASSIVE, aired on BBC3 in Autumn 2008. Damian wrote and played the lead in HAMSTERS, which won the Independent Pilot Competition at the New York Television Festival in November 2012. As a consequence he has a development deal with the IFC Channel in the US. Damian is also shooting another pilot in March – THE SPACE, which he will also direct.

As an actor, Damian features in two upcoming independent movies WILDLIFE and THE JONES / HAVEMEYER WEDDING (produced by Before the Door Margin Call etc). He has just appeared as the male lead in a pilot for AdultSwim, written by Joe Randazzo, the editor of The Onion.