Channel 4 commissions Lisa McGee’s sitcom, Derry Girls

We are thrilled that Channel 4 has commissioned Lisa McGee’s sitcom, Derry Girls. Set in the run-up to the ceasefire, the comedy follows 16-year old Erin and her friends and family as they live through the Troubles. Though there may be police in the streets and Army check points on the way to school, Erin has bigger things to worry about, like boys, bullies and her insane family.

Lisa grew up in Derry in the 1990s and said “Anything set during the Troubles tends to be a bit grim and bleak, but that just wasn’t my experience of Derry as a child and a teenager, it was a joyful place. I’d like to celebrate that. It was also hugely matriarchal, so I was keen we have a large and varied cast of female characters. There were other things going on in Northern Ireland at that time, there were other stories, I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell some of them.”

Derry Girls is written by Lisa McGee and executive produced by Caroline Leddy (Friday Night Dinner, London Irish, The Inbetweeners) and Liz Lewin (Crashing, London Irish, My Mad Fat Diary). It was commissioned by Nerys Evans, Deputy Head of Comedy and Phil Clarke, Acting Head of Drama & Head of Comedy.